The stages of project creation (website/application)


You have already a functioning business or you will start successful activities and of course, you know that in the modern world web-based solution is necessary. It may be as an additional tool of advertising, such the main tool of trade, for example, an online shop. It is important for us that you have an idea of your need’s purposes to create a website or an application and after it’s our work. We will all discuss with you, even the smallest nuances of navigation, functionality, optimization, filling and operate of your future resource.


At this stage, it is important to think about the purposes that you pursue before the future website. It will be all amaze their beauty and brightness, or will execute in strict framework and will bear more functional load. Moreover, that is important, if you have corporate standards and style — our designer will create a graphical model of the home page and only after approval by you, we will start work on the interior figuration (internal pages, function modules and other elements of your future project).


A beautiful design as a picture is good, but there is an important step — make-up. This is the stage where your idea already take shapes of the future project in the form of HTML-layout and where web pages are forming. It is important to consider the high quality, as probably you want that your resource will look equally good in different internet browsers (web-browsers), will have a one style and display all elements of the design concept.


This stage plays the role of the functional of your project. This is process of understandable and convenient work of all functions for the user, but also of project management possibilities from their administrative part. It’s not important, you will be fill up and administrate yourself to your future project, or to bespeak this service in a specialized studio.


Many small-format studio consider mistakenly that such item is not worthy of attention as a testing. We have the opposite opinion in this respect. We always test and everything. At separate stages of websites creation or applications, and certainly, full (it still call regressive) testing. Before we place the project on the World Wide Web, we check its work as different methods, we pay attention to operability of all functionality, safety, software code, loading.